Modus Operandi

I was told by a writer, that to be a writer, you have to write. This seems obvious, but as a lazy perfectionist (that is, I pretend I want to get something perfect so I delay it’s completion) I have found myself almost at the end of my uni course without much apart from a few projects to show for it.  A blog, she suggested. I’ve blogged before, in fact I found one of my old blogs via Google and it was probably one of the most fucking embarrassing moments of my life. Never before has a human been so excited to change font colors, and discuss about the ‘heapz of stuff that’s bin happenings lol!’

The reason why I’m starting this is because I have too many ideas in my head, but also I tend to think of my life like I’m in some sort of really low grade television drama. I have a fabulous group of friends and enemies and quite often think to myself how mildly entertaining our lives might be if it were on the screen. In a similar vein, my friends often tell me about their current life dramas and have always commented that I’m a good listener and advice giver. I give my advice as if I were the voice over from Grey’s Anatomy. It’s a sweeping comment that could be followed by a fade to black and then an advertisement for Kotex Pads and still seem natural.

I also come up with a lot of theories regarding life and relationships, these are generally mis-informed, half-theories which are formed after several hearsay anecdotes which seem to hold some gumption in my friendship group at least. The name of this blog derives from the fact despite me being a good advice giver, there’s often more I’d say, but I don’t out of the fear of sounding like a complete asshole, or lunatic, and therefore what better place to sound off these dilemmas and analyses than the obscure vortex of the interwebs.

Join me won’t you?

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